Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Kick-Ass Feedback

A swedish user kicked my ass to remind me that serversniff's AS-Report is not always reporting hat it should report.

Yah. I ceased working on the stuff to get the domain-database fixed way back in Oktober 2007. Some of the mess is fixed now. Data is up-to-date again, I added more than 17.000 new subnets and i'm goin to build a complete BGP-Parser soon. I reactivadted the daily updates after i fixed database and scripts to work again.

We're currently analyzing BGP-Tables from routeviews.org and LINX once a day, we might implement KIX and DE-CIX as well.

I'd be happy to get more feedback - but it seems that most of you are plain happy with serversniff or just to bored to bother if something doesn't work out at all.



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