Sunday, October 28, 2007

New: AS-Report

I've been rather busy the last weeks - at home, at work, everywhere, i didn't have much time to pet serversniff. I just finished a new script: asreport. This shows you infos about an AS.

You feed it with an IP, a hostname or an AS-number, and serversniff tells you

  • Uplink-ASses
  • Downlink-ASses
  • Known subnets on this as

Those of you familiar with AS-geography might argue that there is no real way to determine, which of the peered AS are uplinks and downlinks. You are right: We are guessing. But try it out: We're usually guessing right.

Like always, this is not entirely my own work.
Serversniff has a routing-database that relys on routing-table from de-cix and routeviews. Thanks to those guys for providing the routes. The routing data is parsed with Marco d'Itri's Zebra-Parser. Thanks Marco! The uplink/downlink-guess is relying on Geoff Hustons CidrReport. Thanks Geoff.

Please note that we do cache whois-data for the networks shown, and the routing-data might also be rather outdated, though we usually update the routing-table once a day.

I tried to fix what annoyed me on other AS-related sites:

Robtex seems to work on new, yet unlinked scripts, see

What's left to do is some graphs (i'm working on these) and a maybe bit of speed (it's fast enough for me, though).

If you know any other as-analyzers or if you feel i missed something: drop me a note at or leave a comment.