Thursday, October 26, 2006

New HTTP-API-Functions

We updated our HTTP-checks and added new API-Funktions. You can craft your own HTTP-requests now, e.g. do a GET with HTTP 1.0 with or without Host-Header and check the response, either only the HTTP-Servers header-info or the complete file, you can even filter for some special lines e.g. to get only the Server-Header or so.
This check does support servers listening on multiple IPs and is also capable of doing https.
We started implementing this backend to Serversniffs frontend - you might expect more HTTP-Checks based on this backendscript to come.


Saturday, October 07, 2006

New Scripts

The IP-Scripts are coming back.

We are on our way to extend serversniff with some new IP-Scripts. We started today with a simple icmp-ping, that simply sends 4 ICMP-Echo-Requests to a given host.

Additionally, for a simple ping would be quite lame, we implented what we call a "Ping-Row", that sends about 16 ICMP-Echo-Requests with increasing packetsizes. You'll be surprised how many sites allow small pings, while their routers or firewalls sort out the hugeICMP-Packets.