Monday, April 17, 2006


springtime, and everythings new: we moved hostonip to the new database. we are still sorting in servernames, but it should even now be bigger than the old one. the old db was static, the new one is dynamic: when you look up a hostname, we start some backgroundqueries automagically trying to gather more info.

when looking up hosts, you should really consider to repeat your query a minute later: you might be surprised about the findings, like we were, when we did a lookup for

we fixed last bugs (looking up ips produced an error) and hope that it will stay as fast as it is now when it's grown bigger.

have fun,


Thursday, April 13, 2006

Where are you coming from today?

We implemented a little User-Info that's displayed on most pages and fixed a few minor bugs. Thanks to p0f and

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Brothers im Net

hoi, and are starting to team up some services.
clemens from proposed an API for services like traceroute or ping. If everything works out you'll be able to fire up traceroutes from different locations on both of our sites, maybe from even more sites round the world at some stage.
maybe you want to participate? - we are open for anyone who is willing to share services like traceroute or ping - all you need is a host where you are able to install an run software like hping, tcptraceroute etc.
drop us a note if you're interested:

Friday, April 07, 2006

Postgresql strikes back

We had perl-scripts hammering millions of new rows into our newly designed DB-Server, many of them running in parallel. The DB-Server strikes back now: It's running a postgres-thread eating up around 1 Gig RAM and 90 percent cpu-time. I don't know what's happening deep inside the db, i don't even know how to find out. i'm learning new stuff everyday but i'm still far from beeing a postgresql-geek.

I suspended the perls, giving postgres a few hours to sort things out.
I'm praying for a smll little knowledgable ghost helping out with database-design and operating. But I'm afraid I'll have to keep learning by failing, the hard way.


Wednesday, April 05, 2006


serversniff was offline for about 10 hours last night.
we had a full hd, requiring a bit of delete-action, log-tuning and finally a reboot.

after that, we were offline again, for the database didn't start with the system. i hope that everything's fixed now.


serversniffs brother

serversniff's got a brother: If I had found this site before, serversniff would not have been built, for Clemens did a very good job making many functions more mature and useful than they are at serversniff.
I like the Serversniff used to have a similar, very plain layout, but people kept telling me that a website needs a more fancy layout.

Check it out!