Friday, April 27, 2007

abuse won't pay

Dear indian guy,

this is a view on our internal log-display.

You're simply wasting bandwith and router-resources. Yours, and ours.

The requests behind the ABUSE-Lines simply result in an ASCII-Page beeing displayed instead of real results. A(b/m)used,


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Automated use...

It took two years, but now people start to use automated - despite the crazy redirect-mechanism. Some indian guy or gal put effort into doing a script to milk

I expected this much earlier. Until now we had only very rudimentary abuse-checks to prevent beeing used for a denial of service against a host or a network. Now we tightened our abuse-checks to catch automated use on some scripts.

We encourage automated use of serversniffs functionalities, sites like do this already - but please guys, talk to us before. We can make stuff easier for you. No need to write crazy perl-scripts or ugly curl-commandlines. We won't bite, really.