Friday, September 28, 2007

finally graphs

I was always jealous on for those crazy graphs that took me a few hours to understand completely.

I herby confess publicly: i did a wrapper long time ago for just reaping the robtex-graphic for a domain, to use them for my daily work.

and finally, serversniff comes up with those crazy graphs, too. as i'm always trying to make things better i did split rob's big picture in several smaller graphs, for they are easier to understand.

serversniff uses graphwiz like rob and many others do. seems that there is not really much more there on the market for those directed graphs.

crazy syntax, lousy docs, but works like a charm.


Friday, September 07, 2007

new styles

we're tryin to revamp serversniff a little bit and we started out with a little mascot. dave decided to name it chuchu, and i'm fine with that. no more need to have jealous looks over to the snort-guys, for i always wanted serversniff to have sth like their old mascot snorty. thanks, dave.
serversniff will stay as simple as it is - we're working to make it even simpler. really, a glance over to the guys at makes me feel funny: am i really the only one feeling totaly lost with five (!) menubars, different colors and even different font-familys on one page?
i'll keep serversniff mostly black and white. like it or not, i still do.