Thursday, July 06, 2006

Unstable Server

Serversniff doesn't like virtuozzo. You might imagine that we call a lot of backend-programms to let serversniff do it's job. When there are too many background-processes and not enough (shared) RAM, the apache-process is silently dying and can't be restarted, it can't even be killed.

Virtuozzo is nice, but is nothing compared to stuff like VMWare. Providers like virtuozzo, for it make every virtual machine on a host run on only one system-installation, while each vmware-engine has its own os and eats therefore much more ram and hd-space.

We decided that we don't like virtuozzo - so serversniff will (again) move to another server with the old one simply acting as some kind of proxy. while we move we will do some quality assurance and internal updates, it might take a few weeks until everything is moved completely.



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