Wednesday, July 26, 2006

5 Million Domains

We cracked the 5-Million-Mark on our domain-database. Serversniff know knows more than 5 million unique domain-names, which should represent around 5 percent of all globally registered domainnames.

We will keep inserting new hosts and domains daily, and the more you look up the more we will know. The update-speed might decrease slightly for we are on the run to update our data with NS- and MX-records. We might finish this in a few months and serversniff will offer many new functions then.

A domainsearch is implemented, a hostnamesearch looking up hosts in our 35-million-hostnames-db will be in place soon - both functions are available via our API only at the moment. Access to our API-services is free, but requires a formless registration - send an EMail to to get a free personal account.



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