Monday, May 08, 2006


I did a few Bugfixes, mostly relating to the fact, that the crazy virtuozzo-system of our shared-server acts silly and resolves nonexisting hostnames as localhost or with it's own ip-number. i had to adjust many errorhandlers to this.

A User noticed some "can't write to log"-errors on the IP-Stack-check. These are noncritical, in fact we don't really need the log anymore for the check does it's job quite well. We'll fix em by removing the detailed-logging that was initally used for debugging-purposes. Please be aware that the IP-Check is sitting on a separate host that is rather slow, for the above mentioned virtuozzo-stuff won't interact with hping2, the programm this check is based upon.

We expanded our API to many with many new serverchecks. We are offering 16 different, configurable checks now - a list is available at Send us an E-Mail to get free access to the API. We want to know who's using our resources, but we're still offering all this for free.

We also expanded Serversniffs capabilities and are offering scripts to show HTML-Sourcecode of webpages, HTML-Comments inside webpages, Hyperlinks inside of weppages, Cookies set when visiting a Site and a websites robots.txt.

Have fun and stay secure,



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