Tuesday, May 09, 2006

fixing bugs

I'm pleased to announce that a simple forum-posting at dnsstuff.com made me finally fix a few bugs in the subdomain-lookup that were resultin from the migration of serversniff to the f*cking virtuozzo-server.

The migration of our Hostname-DB nearly comes to an end - we are around 18 million known hostnames now with around 1 million hosts left in the queue. After this we have a few million hostnames from zonefiles waiting to get in. In parallel we started to build a domain-database, but this will take some time - we are around a million known domains by now, adding around 70.000 new domains each day. Expect more functions to come when we extracted broader data from our database.

And hey, we are still looking for Postgresql/Perl-Geek willing to speed up things here.



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