Wednesday, September 03, 2008

cracking hashes

we updated our servers recently - the db is running on an intel quadcore, and there is plenty of computingpower for adding new hashes to the database for our site a friendly guy sent me a rather huge wordlist created mainly out of several wikipedia-dumps which we are importing since a few days. we limited speed to around 1 million words per day, but i consider the figures with 31.000.000 words and 189.405.954 known hashes rather impressive yet - the database is still running fast with this load.

I don't know any other hashcrack-base offering more words AND supporting more than md5 and sha1. In fact i do support md5 and lm-hashes only to be complete. If you want to look up md5 or lm-hashes, you should really use one of the few sites offering rainbow-tables. They know alomst every lm-hash and at least all md5-hashes up to 7 or 8 characters. When it comes to reverse-lookup NTLM-Hashes for Windows NT or Mysql-Password-Hashes for mysql3, mysql4 and mysql5, is still the biggest database i know of.  I'd be happy to link to any other database knowing more hashes!



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