Friday, May 30, 2008

How to check SSH and SSL Certificates for the debian flaw

I had quite a few questions from people how to check their SSH- and SSL-certificate for the recent debian-flaw. As i had to check a few hundred customer-sites too, i did a little webinterface for checking SSHCerts and SSLCerts for the PRNG-Bug.

See them at work at and

No magic behind - just debians ssh-vulnkey and a php-rippoff from the chksslkey-shellscript written by Michael Holzt. Maybe this will help the average rootserver-admin checking their sites.

Both scripts use standard-sets for verifying the keys, checking only standard-dsa/rsa-keys for ssh and 1024/2048-bit-keys on the ssl-check. Drop me a line to if you really need to check for any different keysizes.




mary said...

please, I need urgent help.

does any body knows what is the polynomial used to compute crc 16 in this tool ?

thomas said...

Please, if you need urgent help, why don't you just write to the contact adress written on this website?

It's monitored by a human being. Me. The creator of this site.

I won't hurt anybody asking questions. Most of Serversniff's CRCs are generated by jonelo's tool "jacksum" - and the CRC 16 is

x^16 + x^15 + x^2 + 1

This is the most common stuff used e.g. in LHA and ARC.

There is a another common CRC16 used in X.25, defined in RFC1331. If you want Serversniff to compute this CRC16 as well, you might drop me a line.

If your are really geeky about CRC you might want to ask your favourite search-engine: there are quite a few other sites out there in netland that offer CRC-Checksums out of totally configurable polynoms.


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