Saturday, March 08, 2008

Whois dropped

Some germans consider whois via serversniff

  • a breach of law
  • a breach of privay.
No more whois. I have to do better than argueing with any [censored] about obvious stuff.
Get your whois-info at one of the thousands of sites around the net hosted somewhere outside germany or directly at the nic listed on serversniffs-domain-report.

For the breach of privay: There was a guy, amongst others, writing me an email to "immediately remove my Name from the page<censored>. He didn't like the realname to show up in the whois-information. Hey - I deeply understand this request: If I'd operate a site like http://www.webmasterinformation.xx, I wouldn't want to have my name assigned to it, too. LOL!

Maybe somebody's williing to tell him about whois at all?

The net's a crazy place.




serversniff said...

The net's a crazy place.*

* a breach of law


* a breach of privcay

Definitely, the whois Data is cached and crawlers index it.


Anonymous said...

jajajaja xD

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