Sunday, July 08, 2007

How nice

Usually people use serversniff. And they complain, when somethings completely not workin. Otherwise they don't give a shit. Really.

Ok, no real matter - serversniff is a hobby and the API is there to ease my daily work. Nothing more. But really, sometimes i wish people would care more.

Roelof Temmingh does care occasionally, for he uses parts of serversniff for his evolution. He contributed valuable code and (unknowingly) many many ideas and thoughts, and he's constantly begging for new functions. Roelof, if i had the time, i'd implement far more of your requests.

I had somebody asking for an API-Password recently - and a day after i had a bugreport. I was so glad that someone cared about the bugs that i fixed them right away. When I started with serversniff i had a dream of people bringing great ideas and great scripts helping me earn big $$$. Serversniff's live for around 2 years now - about 98% of the code is still mine, and the $$$ still don't pay for hardware, electricity and servercosts. Maybe i should stop ranting here.

Have a nice week,



Anonymous said...

I love you "Server Sniff"

Mubix said...

Got a paypal account where you accept donations?

SynJunkie said...

Serversniff rocks my world!

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