Saturday, May 19, 2007

New: Filesearch

It's a sunny sunday and i burned my back yesterday working outside building a wooden house for the kids. Time for an indoor-day and a few words.
We recently released a new script sitting in the webserver-part of serversniffs menu: FILE-SEARCH.
FileSearch is a companion to our FILE-INFO: Imagine you want to see all .DOCs on a webserver and you even want to have a look if there is any interesting stuff hidden in these files.
Have a look at this demo showing DOCs on blogspot-blogs.
This script (ab)uses major search-engines. You scriptkids might end up seeing nothing if you (ab)use it too often searching for sites hosting phpBB-security-holes.

I limited the script to 100 results. Drop me a friendly line if (and why!) you feel that this number is too low for your personal needs and i might tell you the secret switch to increase the max-result-count to googles maximum of 1.000 results.