Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Back to "normal" operation

We're back to normal operation, all tools should work fine now. Still missing are the "Crypt-Decode", Crypt-Encrypt/Decrypt and the Virus-Check.

Crypt-Decode will come back in a few days. Crypt-Encrypt/Decript too. The Virus-Check will be implemented into the new File-Info-Tool we're working on.

We're currently developing new tools and improving old ones.
The crypto- and encoding-Scripts already support a few new Hash/CRC/Encoding-Algorithms, more will follow.
The SSL-Check will soon support even more ciphers, making it the best SSL-Check we know, checking more ciphers and functionality than any other SSL-Check, be it offline or online.
We're currently working on a sort of "decompiler" for unpacking and decompiling a bunch of different formats ranging from macromedia flash (.swf) or Microsofts Winword (including macros and plaintext) to fullblown java-applets.
We consider a bunch of other applications making live of security-guys easier - but we'd love to have your input: can you think of a (not yet available) tool to ease your work? - Drop us a mail or write a comment - we're open to anything.


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