Friday, March 31, 2006

It's Vokswgen, and i think: lame users make lame cars

Many users want to have internal adresses checked. Guess what happens, if you try - yup, nothing. It's a pity and i sometimes think of giving an errormessage for these adresses. Now I've seen the first failure that makes me real happy. It's only because...

We bought a car four years ago. A new Volkswagen, a New Beetle. It lasted 2 years - since then the car breaks down regularly. Many many things that shouldn't break in three year old vehicle. Expensive parts.

Volkswagen told me that the guarantee lasted two years - not a day more. Besides the "usual" stuff like inspection, oil, fluids, brakes and so on we put many thousand Euros into the New Beetle in the last 2 years. Way too much.

If you are really interested into details, send an email - I'll be happy to send you many many invoices from the friendly Volkswagen-Dealer.

And I didn't even bothered to have everything repaired.

People, whatever you do, remember me:


It was so happy to see that ServerSniff didn't work for Volkswagen, even if it was only because Mr. or Mrs. Volkswagen asked for a volkswagen-internal servername (a tld that is not known on the internet) on the ssl-check...

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